Corsicana Bedding

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Since 1971, Corsicana Bedding has focused on producing mattresses that provide both quality and value. Our mission for over forty years has been to make quality mattresses that are centered on value for the consumer, striving to provide retailers and their customers the most bed for their hard-earned money. Having grown into one of the largest mattress manufacturers and the largest private label producer in the industry, we are still focused on providing customers a mattress value that is unmatched.

We believe everyone deserves a good night of sleep. With brands ranging from entry-level and lower priced models to premium brands featuring the latest in sleep technology, we work hard to offer a variety of mattress models that allow consumers to get the most bed at their price point. We continue to manufacture all of our brands in the USA while also focusing energies on leading the way with initiatives that have a global impact. With coast-to-coast coverage, Corsicana Bedding retailers can rest better knowing they are partnering with an industry leader with a consistent record of service, quality and value.
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