Home Fusion – The Power of New Retailing!
Easy See – Easy Pay – Easy to Receive Home Improvement Products at Great Prices!
Home Fusion is New Retailing.

What is New Retailing?
It’s not a Physical Store Model, they generally aren’t strong on selection or good on prices.

It’s not an E-commerce Model, they generally aren’t strong on good products or good on service.

‘New Retailing’ with Home Fusion is a more BALANCED retailing model. Online plus a Local Showroom where consumers can receive quality ‘Local Service’ and Good Prices resulting from Great Products and an efficient hybrid retailing model.

Introducing an innovative business concept that sells the way consumers shop. A new approach to retailing that is poised to transform Bermuda’s home improvement retail landscape: Home Fusion. This revolutionary approach blends the convenience of online shopping with the tactile experience of in-store browsing, setting a new standard in customer satisfaction and product accessibility.

Concept Overview:

Fusion Retail Model: Home Fusion capitalizes on a multi-channel approach, merging the advantages of online accessibility and physical interaction to create a truly immersive shopping experience.

Fusion Retailing Encourages Showrooming and Webrooming: Showrooming is when people look at products in stores but then buy them online or overseas, usually looking for a lower price. The opposite is true with webrooming, where customers research products online but prefer to purchase in a store. The Home Fusion retail concept is designed to blend the two behaviors. By encouraging customers to both explore products in-store and conduct online research before purchase, ‘Home Fusion’ can literally fuse the two shopping behaviors into one by encouraging shoppers to price-check your products, in real time. They’re likely to find immediately that a ‘Home Fusion’ retail store’s pricing is better, and the ‘Home fusion’ store will be able to offer more convenience, local engagement and warranty solutions.

‘Home Fusion’ gives customers a reason (other than low prices) to shop local. Customers crave unique experiences and relationships as much as they do discounts.

‘Home Fusion’ offers an extensive product selection: Offerings a wide array of home improvement products, from Ready-to-Assemble all wood Kitchen and Bath Cabinets to semi custom to fully custom cabinetry accessories, sinks, faucets, flooring, range hoods, tile, PVC windows and doors, quality mattresses, and comprehensive home furniture collections.

To compliment the supply of tangible goods a ‘Home Fusion’ dealer can offer installation kitchen cabinet services in-house or through sub-trades. Depending on the level of involvement the dealer can include cabinet Refacing after undergoing training at our facility in Canada. Cabinet refacing is a process used to update the appearance of kitchen or bathroom cabinets without completely replacing them. Instead of removing the existing cabinets, refacing involves replacing the doors, drawer fronts, and sometimes hardware, while keeping the existing cabinet boxes intact. The visible parts of the cabinets—such as the fronts and sometimes the sides—are covered with a veneer or laminate material to give them a fresh look. This method is often more cost-effective and less disruptive than a full cabinet replacement, providing a way to transform the appearance of the cabinets without the need for extensive renovation.

Flexible Showroom Design: Whether mobile, fixed, or a fusion of both, the showroom would be equipped with tangible product samples, enabling customers to interact with and experience the quality of what a ‘Home Fusion’ hybrid store has to offer firsthand.

No Inventory to Tie-Up Operating Capital: By offering efficient consolidating shipping options a ‘Home Fusion’ store can negate the need to carry inventory allowing the business to not have the associated carrying costs.

Upfront Pricing Transparency: Unlike when a consumer purchases from and overseas competitor, the total landed in Bermuda cost can only be estimated and in doing so are seldom close leading uncertainty. ‘Home Fusion’ will offer upfront pricing as part of its pricing strategy allowing the total cost of a product, shipping, duties and services, to be disclosed in full to the customer at the beginning. This approach eliminates hidden fees and provides transparency for the customer.

Exclusive Supplier Partnership: Eurtton Distribution Inc., would be the sole supplier. This brings unparalleled advantages, ranging from design services and mentoring to unique manufacturing capabilities tailored for Bermuda’s climate. This offers a single source for access to information, sourcing, a more managed and streamlined and just as important cost-effective shipping.

Partnership Opportunity: We seek individuals or entities keen on investing in themselves and the infrastructure required to establish a business aligned with ‘Home Fusion’s’ vision. Our partnership model although exclusive to one Bermuda dealer doesn’t demand any upfront dealer costs payable to the supplier or franchise fees for buying a concept, as our interest is focusing instead on fostering a mutually beneficial long-term collaboration.

The Home Fusion dealers’ role would involve providing operating capital in securing a suitable location, acquiring showroom samples, essential equipment, building an e-commerce website (developed by Eurtton Distribution Inc.) and devising an effective advertising plan for the launch through social, digital and print media.

Why Partner with Home Fusion?

  1. Owning your Own Business: The Fusion business model is a business to business or supplier only business arrangement as the ‘Fusion’ dealer will own their own business. Owning a Home Fusion store allows the independence in operating a business and for the most part operate it the way makes sense in the market it is located.
  2. Expertise and Market Knowledge: Eurtton is in a rare position in being able to offer what others don’t and in most cases can’t. Eurtton has extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the Bermuda market and understands the North American market dynamics ensure a strategic advantage unparalleled by any other North American supplier or competitor.
  3. Transparent and Cost-Efficient Operations: We offer a seamless, cost-effective supply chain, rarely found with foreign suppliers, ensuring efficiency and reliability in product delivery.
  4. Innovative Retail Model: Home Fusion’s blend of online convenience and in-store experience caters to evolving customer preferences, setting the stage for unprecedented success in Bermuda’s retail industry.


The ‘Home Fusion’ business model represents an exciting opportunity to adapt with ever changing retail conditions, is a effective way in which to compete with overseas competitors and to enhance Bermuda consumers with access to affordable home improvement products. Together, we can bring Home Fusion’s vision to life and redefine the standards of retail excellence.

By embarking on this journey of innovation and success together. Your investment in Home Fusion isn’t just in a business, it’s an investment in a brighter, more consumer-centric retail future.