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Since 1964. From humble beginnings in a small garage to their current position has grown to a nationwide corporation with over 1,000 employees in five manufacturing facilities. Imagine Signature Series Cabinets manufactured through CWS PA has built a reputation as America’s leading supplier of custom cabinet doors and wood cabinet components. How did they do it? By focusing on absolute dependability – their commitment to supporting cabinet manufacturers with the highest quality products, the most ethical business practices, and the best record for complete and on-time delivery in the industry.

Here you will find the largest selection of cabinet door styles in the industry all "Imagine Signature Series". Choose from any of our most popular or truly unique styles below. Offering the largest selection of finishes from Wipe On Stain, Painted Colours, Sunriver Finishes, Colourtone Series to Unique Prism Series of finishes and metalfusion finishes.

KCMA Certified: Imagine Signature Series Supplier CWS PA was the first associate member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association (KCMA) to receive Environmental Stewardship Program certification. ESP certification approves our practices and procedures as they relate to air quality, product resource management, process resource management, community relations, and environmental stewardship.

ESP Certified: – Certification Requirements – “Green.” ESP holds the cabinet industry to higher standards than other environmental programs because of its holistic approach to manufacturing, examining the process from growth and harvesting of raw materials to manufacturing the end product.

Mandatory Requirement: 100% of particleboard, medium density fiberboard, and plywood used in the cabinets must meet the formaldehyde emission level of the California Air Resources Compwood ATCM Phase II and must be third-party certified to meet low formaldehyde emission standards.

  • 75% of cabinets must be finished in the United States or Canada. Finishes emit no greater hazardous air pollutants than allowed by local plant operating permits.
  • 80% of particleboard & medium density fiberboard used in cabinets must contain 100% recycled or recovered fiber content.
  • Manufacturers earn points if they have kitchen cabinets that are also Chain of Custody (COC) certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program.
  • Hardwoods, softwoods and plywood purchased are Chain-of-Custody certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program.
  • Hardwood and softwood lumber are Certified Sourcing certified through a recognized sustainable forestry program.
  • Manufacturers utilize an annual, written training plan to educate their hardwood suppliers of their preference for purchasing certified lumber.

Featured below is a photograph showing the detailed quality construction of a typical Imagine Signature Series cabinet – Taken right in our showroom. Imagine Signature Series cabinets are customizable by selection of cabinet sizes to fit any applications, literally 100’s or doors styles and 1000’s of colours and finishes.

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Featured below are a selection of our most popular door styles. Fore more door all wood door styles scroll down to the bottom of this page and remember you can order any door style in any of over 20 wood species and in your choice of colour or finish. If your plan is to have an a painted finish then you may wish to choose a paint grade wood as there is real point in painting over quality maples, walnuts, oaks etc.

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Wood Slab Veneer Doors:

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New High Gloss Acrylic – “The Wet Look”
Choose from a large selection of High Gloss Solid Acrylic doors. The finest High Gloss Finish on the market – Made in any size to suite your design purposes. Completely water resistamt and can be formed to curve shapes and machined like wood. By far the best product for kitchens, bathrooms, and commercial environments.
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Aluminum Doors
Accent your kitchen with our Unique Aluminum Doors either solid or with Glass or Acrylic inserts.
Signature Series4

Mullion Doors
Create an exceptional space and showcase beautiful dinnerware by incorporating timeless mullion doors into your kitchen design. Our craftsmen have perfected the art of designing and creating custom mullions to create focal points and highlight picturesque cabinetry.
Signature Series5

MDF Doors
The perfect choice for a painted door. Dimensionally stable and the perfect solution in damp humid climates. No hairline craks, no warping, and will not expand.
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Wood Doors
Featured below are more of our selection of our door styles. Remember you can order any door style in any of over 20 wood species and in your choice of colour or finish.
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Decorative Laminate
Utilizing the latest in European innovations, our Decorative Laminate Veneer (DLV) program uses high texture Melamine’s and Thermally Structured Surfaces to create both modern and transitional door styles on. DLV products offer unrivaled structural integrity with realistic grain patterns that resist fading or darkening.
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