Kool Glass Countertops

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here’s something special about a glass countertop, isn’t there? It’s sleek. It’s chic. It’s modern. It’s like something out of an elegant home in Paris or Milan. Now if only you could get a glass countertop in any color you desired.

Guess what? Now you can.

Say hello to Kool Glass, our exclusive glass countertop technology that gives you the quality, sophistication, and—most importantly—the color you crave. Choose from one of our 16 carefully crafted designer colors or customize your own fabulous hue to match your room’s décor. (Click on the color swatch below to view the full size.) Opt for a glossy or satin finish (bonus: the satin finish doesn’t leave fingerprints!). Then get ready to fall in love! Our colors truly “pop” and will transform your space.

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