Monocottura Tile

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Monocottura┬áis an Italian word meaning “single-fired”. In this process, individual tiles are shaped, glazed and fired in one step, at the same time. It is the newest method used to produce ceramic tile. The production time of ceramic tile can be reduced to a few hours collectively by this process. Monocottura is an important term to know because many building contractors who buy and install ceramic tile associate this process with quality product. Monocottura is a favorable method for producing durable tiles for flooring. The development of this technology has revolutionized the tile industry, improving the quality of the finished product and making the production more efficient.

  • Monocottura tiles are much more durable for use as flooring tile
  • These tiles can be produced in less than one hour.
  • Single fired products are produced with a flat back, which makes installation much easier than the old fashion button-backed or lug-backed tiles.

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