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Eurtton comes to you small

Requirements when scheduling a visit:

Simply provide us with your home address, a contact number, your name and a preferred day and time. We will schedule you in for a visit. Home address must be in the Kingston or greater Kingston area to be visited.

Eurtton Distribution’s mobile showroom offers all the quality brands that can be found on our website. Feel free to browse the selection online and schedule a visit to see the quality of our products. Despite our mobile showroom’s size, we offer a large amount of samples for you to view, try and compare.

If you have any questions about our service or where we visit, don’t hesitate to contact our exclusive area sales office

Corner of Gardiners Road (County Rd 38) & Norris Court
Directly across from Lowe’s Unit 4
2.5 kms from Hwy 401 at exit 611

Tel: 613-507-2345
or at 613-389-6255.

The best part is that there is no purchase requirement to take advantage of this service, and no cost.

Think Independent….

Just about every morning in every town and city across Canada, there are those that go to work early and get home late. They’re the Independents retailers of this great land.

Their priorities come from main street not Bay or Wall Street, they work in showrooms and warehouses, not glass buildings and ivory towers.

Their customers have names not numbers and their family name may even be on their building. They’re the Independents retailers of this great land.

They provide jobs, invest in their community, pay taxes and serve their neighbours, they’re the Independents retailers of this great land.

With hard work, good judgment and a little help from above they are able to carve out a living out of a storefront, some inventory and their most valuable asset their customers, They’re the Independents of this great land.

There was a time when the so called experts, MBA’s, Consultants and even suppliers had written them off. They thought, surely the corporate giants with their massive resources and billions in sales would snuff out the independent flame. But those guys don’t make the rules, customers do.

Now it’s becoming clear that there is a change in the air, a realization that customers are expecting more, they want those whom can deliver quality, they want service and they want trust? Where did all that go?

Well, its’ been right here all along in every delivery, every hand shake at each of the 1000’s of independent across this great land.

Working together they buy better, sell smarter and compete tougher.

Think outside the “Big Box” and support your local independent…we’re working hard to be your choice.