Solid Surface Countertop

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Affinity Surfaces is a type of solid surface that is non-porous, renewable, and extremely low-maintenance. A man-made product, Affinity mimics the appearance of naturally occurring materials, yet can be joined near invisibly by a trained craftsman. Solid surface is manufactured in sheet form for fabrication into finished countertops, vanities, and other surfacing applications.
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Since 1976, Meganite company has been driven by this simple value: We believe in Creating Better Lives. Everything we do must make an impact on improving quality of life. It is our strong belief that any impact on the improvement of basic human needs should be long lasting and profound.
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Staron is Innovation meets superior standard, offering higher performance to suit commercial environments using homogenous material that allow the surface to be easily restored. Designed with end-users in mind, your environment can be protected from the growth of bacteria or fungi, Resistant to harsh chemicals and Easy to maintain.
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