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The Monogram XL® Difference
Monogram XL is a truly exceptional solid hardwood flooring product that provides enhanced strength and timeless beauty. This one-of-a-kind design is manufactured to produce a floor with improved stability and greater structural integrity. With these advanced technical features, Monogram XL is the premier choice when longevity and quality are among the highest considerations

So what makes Monogram XL so unique?

Longer & Stronger Boards
Continuous Strip® Monogram XL is a uniquely enhanced continuous end jointing process that results in boards that average 6 ½ feet in length. Continuous Strip consists of multiple, solid hardwood, pieces that are engineered together to form one long, consistent board. This means that the typical floor will have 70% fewer end joints than random length flooring, resulting in a stronger flooring system that is straighter, with a more appealing linear look.

Easier & Faster to Install
With pre-assembled, pre-finished pieces and fewer end joints, Monogram XL is installer friendly and homeowner friendly reducing installation time and reducing dust and disruption in your home.

Straighter & Flatter
Monogram XL is produced using our proprietary Lay Flat, Stay Straight™ process which minimizes bowed boards that create induced stresses. Our tight tolerance manufacturing process minimizes uneven tongue & groove movement between boards. This makes the floor more stable both vertically and horizontally, which also creates a QUIETER floor.

Edge Options
Monogram XL is available in two edge options that caters to a variety of style preferences.
• True Squar-Edge® emulates an on site sand-to-finish look.
• Micro Bevel effect produces a more informal or traditional look.

Pre-Sanded Unfinished or Pre-Finished
Monogram XL® is available in a variety of species, colors, and grades, and can be ordered pre-sanded unfinished, or factory pre-finished.

The Stoehr Guarantee
Monogram XL comes with a 25 YEAR residential finish guarantee, LIFETIME guarantee on structural integrity, and a PRE-INSTALLATION guarantee, to ensure homeowner peace of mind (does not apply to commercial applications).

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