Discover the difference with Eurtton Distribution Inc.

Welcome to Eurtton Distribution Inc.! Since our establishment in 1998, we’ve been the cornerstone of home improvement, catering exclusively to businesses across Bermuda and Eastern Ontario. Specializing in premium Kitchen and Bath cabinetry, home furniture, and PVC windows and frames, we’re committed to elevating homes through our exceptional range of products.

At Eurtton Distribution Inc., we take pride in our role as more than just distributors. We serve as representatives for affiliate manufacturers and distributors, providing unparalleled service and access to a curated selection of top-tier offerings. Our focus on Business-to-Business relationships ensures that we are dedicated solely to supporting businesses, not direct consumer sales.

Being able to manufacture while having access to the best in home improvement products, being conveniently located on one of Canada’s main transport corridors, highway 401, positions us to  efficiently receive, manufactured and distribute product locally and consolidate shipment for export.

Discover how partnering with Eurtton Distribution Inc. can enhance your business offerings with quality, reliability, and a diverse range of home products. Experience the difference of working with a trusted representative dedicated to your success in the industry.


Warehouse and Distribution Center – 648 McKay St., Kingston, Ontario, K7M 5V9